The Illustrated Bible KJV

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  • The Illustrated Bible KJV


This Holy Bible King James Version, Illustrated Bible, with Gold Leaf Edges, has sold over 3,500,000 copies.. This KJV Bible takes an exciting visual approach to understanding the Holy Bible that will inspire the whole family. This Holy Bible is for the entire family. Using original text from the King James Version, this richly illustrated Bible offers illustrated interpretation of many stories of the Old and New Testaments-from Abraham and the chosen people to the birth of Jesus and the Revelation. .More than1700 pages of superb artworks convey the drama of the Bible. Illustrated Bible is the most complete picture Bible ever! There are16 Full color maps to help you visualize the Biblical stories and events. This Family Bible contains more than 600 historically accurate color illustrations. This Illustrated Bible features a captivating, up-to-date artwork style making it the perfect Bible for today s visually focused culture. The unique and complete Bible format fit for families today combines the King James Version with more than 600 historically accurate illustrations. Read the stories and illustrations as a family together. The Illustrated Bible stories and full meanings come alive to young and old. This Holy Bible will become the spiritual center piece in your home.
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