KJV New Testament Bible (CD) by Eric Martin

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  • KJV New Testament Bible (CD) by Eric Martin


This KJV Audio Bible is a word-for word recording of World's, most popular King James Version audio Bible read by the famous Christian Narrator, Eric Martin. This is one of the best Audio Bible KJV ever produced. It is packaged in an attractive black canvas zippered bag. Limited Lifetime Warranty on all discs. The King James Version, one of the world's best-loved translations of the Bible is brought to life in this powerful, word-for-word narration by renowned dramatist Eric Martin. There is no music or sound effect to distract you from the power of God's Holy Word. Eric Martin knows at all times all the various scales of emotion to use to bring the power of God s Holy Word alive in your heart. Eric Martin's narration of the books of the KJV Bible called by many The Very Best Bible Narration, is presented without distracting music or sound effects. This edition has been digitally mastered for enhanced listening enjoyment.
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