Company Information

About Us:

Casscom Media was launched more than 35 years ago, in Greenville, Texas by two God led entrepreneurs, Ollie Moyer and his Son, Dwain. Their vision and mission was and remains today, to assist, help, and empower churches, Pastors, staff, Christian Ministries, home-school families, church members, faith-based bookstores and businesses to increase their spiritual health and make a larger difference in the world.  Casscom Media supplies Christian-based Media on the foundation of the essential belief in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. 

Casscom Media is a leading manufacturer of Audio Bibles, CD Bibles, DVD Bibles, MP-3 Audio Bibles and many other types of Audio Bible formats. The Audio Bible industry has changed from Audio Cassette Bibles to Audio Bibles on CD, Audio Bibles on MP-3 CD and even Audio Bibles on DVD. The Audio Bible is perfect for active people on the go, as well as an important tool for Scripture learning at home, on the road, or in home-school.

We have the distinction of being “number one in the world” for the duplication of the Holy Bible King James Version as narrated by Alexander Scourby.

Our management and marketing staff offers many years of experience in the duplication industry including audio CD, MP3 CD, and video DVD duplication and replication services. We offer editing, mastering, authoring, and recording capabilities, as well as custom design and printing of packaging and support materials. Consumer’s existing products are accepted through our fulfillment program.  While we are capable of manufacturing customer media products, we also offer fulfillment possibilities by maintaining inventory levels on their behalf, receiving product orders via fax, internet or e-mail, pick, pack and ship as required.

We continually endeavor to expand our services by striving to develop & create new and innovative products for the consumer. 

The best references we have are the millions of persons who have listened to, learned from, and enjoyed our products and those of our customers.