KJV New Testament by Scourby (CD) "Visor Bible"

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  • KJV New Testament by Scourby (CD) "Visor Bible"


This New Testament audio Bible is the ever popular King James Version of the New Testament on CD. Narrated by world famous Alexander Scourby, with no distracting music or sound effects. NEW packaging...fourteen (14) quality CDs PLUS notepad and pen packaged in "visor" container for attaching to sun visor of your vehicle. King James Version of the New Testament as narrated by Alexander Scourby, accomplished Broadway Shakespearean actor, radio personality, movie actor and narrator of many television documentaries. He was undoubtedly, best known for his eloquent voice, with his narration of the Bible as his greatest lifelong achievement. Manufactured using state-of-the-art 2017 High Defination Digital replicating equipment. For the very best sound. Discs have a Limited Lifetime Warranty. .. Available now in the convenient, easy-to-use CDs, the world s best-loved translation of the Bible. Alexander Scourby known by many as "The Voice of the Bible" The King James Version, one of the world's best-loved translations of the Bible is brought to life in this powerful, word-for-word narration by renowned dramatist Alexander Scourby. Alexander Scourby s narration of the KJV Bible called by Many The Gold Standard Of Bible Narration, is presented without distracting music or sound effects, on 14 Compact Discs that you can easily transfer to any of your mobile devices or play in your car or home player. The Discs are covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Casscom will replace any scratched or damaged discs free of charge. You pay only a shipping and handling charge. Enjoy the Word, as the syllables of the King James New Testament are presented by one of the best Bible narrators. Alexander Scourby narration of the New Testament provides you with more than 15 hours of inspirational listening.The Discs have a lifetime Warranty. If any disc is lost or damaged it will be replaced for small shipping and handling charge.
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