The Puzzle Bible: The Life of Jesus

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  • The Puzzle Bible: The Life of Jesus


These are Jigsaw Puzzles for Girls and Jigsaw Puzzles for Boys, Everyone loves a Jigsaw Puzzle. Children learn the Bible stories by doing. This Bible Puzzle, The life of Jesus teaches Bible stories about Jesus, while helping Kid's develop visual space skills. Kid's lave fun, and feel successful while learning. The Life of Jesus Puzzle Bible presents, Jesus saving Peter, Jesus Meets, Zacchaeus, Jesus Blesses the Children, Jesus on the Cross, Jesus Goes to Heaven, and The Disciples do the Work of Jesus. Many of the well-known Bible Stories are illustrated and retold in a few sentences. The fundamental idea behind this concept is to play with the puzzles taking the pieces out, mixing and inserting them again. Good, thick cardboard makes it easy and keeps the pieces in place. Included are 6 full size puzzles of well known, favorite, Bible stories from the life of Jesus. Kids learn the Bible stories while having fun developing visual space skills. half of the picture is a puzzle the other half is the Bible story. The Bible stories unfold as the pieces are put together. The Bible stories include, Jesus saving Peter on the water, Jesus meets Zacchaeus in the tree, Jesus loves and blesses the children, Jesus on the Cross, Jesus going to Heaven as the Disciples watch, and Jesus' followers sharing stories about Jesus. The interactive jigsaw will sustain a child's attention while relating and teaching some of the greatest stories of the Bible. This interactive storybook features 6 full size-30 piece puzzles starring your favorite Bible characters, each in their most memorable moments. Each puzzle is accompanied by a interesting retelling of the Bible event. You will want to get all 6 of the Bible puzzle Series God's Wonderful Creation, God's Chose people, A people of Faith, Through Trials and Triumphs, and The Good Shepherd. The Puzzle Bible series covers all the favorite Bible stories from Genesis to Revelation. Put the pieces together and see how the stories unfold. This is learning by doing.
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