Jesus' Friends (Jesus Puzzle Bible)

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  • Jesus' Friends (Jesus Puzzle Bible)


This is a Bible Game, Bible Story Book for Children, Puzzle Bible that introduces the youngest to the life of Jesus. Children learn the Bible stories by doing. This Bible Puzzle teaches Bible stories while helping Kid's develop visual space skills. Kid's have fun, and feel successful while learning. The new Jesus Puzzle Bible Series contain a selection of expressive and colorful pictures from the life of Jesus and the early church, illustrated by Gustavo Mazali. Bible verses and colorful illustrations describe each scene and bring the child knowledge about the life of Jesus and thereby the character of God. Jesus' Friends is the sixth volume in the six book set of Jesus Puzzle Bible books. Each book contains six puzzles, the illustrations of which depict a condensed story from the Bible with book, chapter, and verse referenced from the Contemporary English Version of the Bible. The contents depicted in this volume include: Pete Speaks to the Crowd, The Day of Pentecost, Faith in Jesus, An Angel Frees the Apostles Are Questioned, and Peter is Arrested Again.
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