The Love that Waits for You (CD)

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  • The Love that Waits for You (CD)


Arch Bishop Fulton Sheen teaches, about the Soul, Good Things, and Goodness, What makes us afraid, Finding God, Knowledge of Self, Asceticism, Self Discipline, Sacrifice, Daily Meditation, Reparations, Original Sin , What is Sin, Sacrifice and much more. -This audio book is used in Catholic Schools, Home Schools, and Catholic Churches. Long out-of-print, this wonderful book is finally available on CDs. The Love That Waits For You (Audio Book) teaches, the amazing truth about the love God has for us. It contains beautiful, life-changing wisdom of Fulton Sheen. The Love that Waits for You, is an important audio book for any Catholic. This outstanding audio version of the Archbishop Sheen classic out of print book, is sure to be music to the ears of all devoted followers of the beloved Servant of God. Narrated by Edwin Hale III, with more than 4 hours of teaching from Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen, the preeminent teacher, preacher, and pastor of American Catholicism. Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen is called the Great Communicator by Billy Graham and a prophet of the times by Pope Pius XII, Sheen was the voice of American Catholicism for nearly fifty years. In addition to his prolific writings, Sheen dominated the airwaves, first in radio, and later television, with his signature program Life is Worth Living, drawing an average of 30 million viewers a week in the 1950s. Sheen had the ears of everyone from presidents to the common men, women, and children in the pews, and his uplifting message of faith, hope, and love shaped generations of Catholics.
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