God Where are You

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  • God Where are You


God Where Are You? - Sonnie Boones (Wade Williams ) was always a fighter working hard for everything he achieved. A two-time boxing champion of the world gave him big house, a fancy car, a beautiful fiancé, he had everything a successful man could want. His life title defense should have been the one to make his career and set him up financially for the rest of his life. Instead, the accidental death of his opponent results in the loss of his winnings and his boxing license. Worse still, he is seen as a murderer in the eyes of the public. The aftershock sends Sonny into a downward spiral in which he loses everything and rejects God and blames Him for allowing all the bad things to happen. When Sonny is at his lowest, looking for a place to sleep and scrounging for food out of a dumpster, he meets Malachi Carpenter. For all outward appearances, Malachi seems to be the night manager at an inconspicuous diner. Malachi proves to be a Good Samaritan that provides Sonny with a meal and gentle nudges on a path that Sonny never expected. Malachi gives Sonny a book called Gratitude Renewed and introduces him to a few of the diner's regular patrons. The words of a few strangers and the pages of hat book teach Sonny about acceptance and thankfulness. But is it enough to help him accept God back in his heart and save his own life? Urged to examine all of the things in his life for which he was grateful, Sonny finally ends up on the doorstep of the answer. Sonny Boone blamed God for all of his troubles and asked Why bad things happened to him> His ultimate question: God Where Are You?
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