The Little Puzzle Bible (Jigsaw Puzzle Bible for Young Kids)

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  • The Little Puzzle Bible  (Jigsaw Puzzle Bible for Young Kids)


Puzzle Bible Books are a great way to introduce little ones to the Bible. Each full-color book contains 6 full-size puzzles of well-known Bible stories. Half of the picture is a puzzle. The Little Puzzle Bible is for children ages 2-6, and features puzzles of popular Bible stories in a smaller, "toddler friendlier" size. The Little Puzzle Bible unfolds 6 stories from the Bible, God Makes the World, Noah Builds a Boat, David the Shepherd Boy, Daniel and the Lions, Jesus is Born and Jesus Heals People. As children play and put the puzzle together, Children learn the Bible stories by doing. This Bible Puzzle teaches Bible stories while helping Kid s develop visual space skills. Kid s have fun, and feel successful while learning. Included are puzzles of well known, favorite, Bible stories from the Old Testament.. Half of the picture is a puzzle the other half is the Bible story. The Bible stories unfold as the pieces are put together. The interactive jigsaws will sustain a child's attention while relating and teaching some of the greatest stories of the Bible. This interactive storybook features puzzles starring your favorite Bible characters, each in their most memorable moments. Each puzzle is accompanied by a interesting retelling of the Bible event. Put the pieces together and see how the stories unfold. This is learning by doing. Encourage your little ones to learn by doing with this fun, interactive puzzle book! Recommended for ages 2-6.Children learn about Jesus as stories from the Bible come alive.
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