The Chronicle of Pilgrimage to the Holy Land (Hardcover with DVD)

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  • The Chronicle of Pilgrimage to the Holy Land (Hardcover with DVD)


There are many reasons why Pope Benedict XVI said that every Catholic home should have a copy of The Chronicle of Pilgrimage to Israel and The Holy Land. Below are some of the reasons every Catholic will enjoy and experience spiritual growth from owning a Chronicle of Pilgrimage to Israel and The Holy Lands. Included with the book at no extra charge, exclusively for Amazon customers, is a Free Catholic Audio Bible, Revised New American Bible on MP3 Disc. (A $29.99 retail value.) It is recorded Word for Word from the Sacred Texts without distracting sound effects or music. The Audio Bible is narrated by Eric Martin, the highly regarded Catholic Bible narrator. Enjoy the Sacred Word, as every syllable of the New American Bible: Revised New Testament, Catholic Bible edition are presented by one of the best Catholic Bible narrators, Eric Martin. For almost 2000 years Christian Pilgrims have been making the journey to Israel and the Holy Lands to experience firsthand the sites where Jesus lived and ministered, as well as follow His footsteps during His final days on earth. Many of these Pilgrims were Catholic. Fortunately many of the pilgrims recorded their adventures in writing and over the ages a rich body of literature on Israel and the Holy Lands has been accumulated. This Gold Leaf Coffee Table Book with Holy Land DVD is a drive through history of the Holy Lands, from Jesus time through this century. This is a Journey of Faith that we all desire to make. More than 1100 Holy Land Maps, color photographs, and historical documents, make this book a great Israel Travel Guide that will add to your Holy Land Experience. This book is a great Holy Land Gift. The color photographs show you Israel and the Holy Lands today in a way that brings a journey of faith alive for you. The 256 chromo pages are enriched with over 1100 color photographs that show the important events. The History of Israel and the Holy Lands are presented in easy to read and understand live-coverage, newspaper style. Headlines, brief reports and multiple photos and illustrations present the historical events in real time. Many of the photos and documents are seen by the public for the first time. The Chronicle of Pilgrimage to Israel and the Holy Land can become a significant spiritual experience.
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