The Chronicle of Pilgrimage to the Holy Land (Gift Set)

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  • The Chronicle of Pilgrimage to the Holy Land (Gift Set)


In these days of struggle, conflict and war in the Holy Land, one cannot help but wonder what it is in this part of the Middle East that makes it so valued and desired by all believers, and at the same time, also makes it the only piece of land that has known over 2000 years of an endless state of conflict and war. This documents the first materwork that attempts to chronologically report, in a journalistic manner, and combined with rare works of art, the events that took place in the Holy Land over the last 2000 years, from the birth and life of Jesus, to our time today. We often wonder how a newspaper headline from a thousand years ago would look when recounting events as they occurred in real time. How would they look as a lively, colorful and journalistic report from the field rather than as a historical analysis of these events? This is how the idea for a historical news album arose out of curiosity and desire for a different kind of historical documentation: light, readable, sensational, something of the moment. A decision was made that the book would be based principally on the testimonies of the pilgrims, and to their testimonies historical accounts would be added to exemplify the various periods. The newspaper-like format allows descriptions to be so alive that it seems to place the reader in the actual period itself, fighting in the Crusader ranks, becoming energized and excited from the journey to the Holy Land and the encounter with the historic and holy places. Illustrations are from material taken from hundreds of private and public archives and ancient manuscripts from some of the most renowned international libraries in the world. Some 3000 illustrations were gathered, over 1150 of them found their way into these 256 pages of the book. Gift kit includes the coffee table (13 3/8 x 9 5/8) book, DVD on a tour of the Holy Land, eight photos and a lapel pin. The DVD lets you re-live a pilgrimage and invites you to begin your own journey. An exquisite book of choice for your home - or as a gift for someone you cherish.
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