Ocean Treasures (CD, DVD, and Book) Set

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  • Ocean Treasures (CD, DVD, and Book) Set


Ocean Treasures provides parents and teachers with excellent materials to teach children positive lessons. Ocean Treasures is in the style of PBS Kids DVDs. Each page has colorful, story developing, illustrations that help kids visualize the details and become involved in the story. Under the sea, in the Kingdom of Shadda, lives Camille, a miniature mermaid and her friends. The sea creatures' adventures in this six-part series teach young children valuable lessons on friendship, cheerfulness, courage, obedience, prayer, and kindness. Camille learns how to make a fiend and shares how. Shy fish Goby becomes friends with Camille. Shallo the Sea Horse wanders into dangerous forbidden waters and learns it is best to obey his parents. Clip the crab learns everyone can be a hero. The marine pals enjoy a verity of adventures and learn valuable lessons. Ocean Treasures is a six-story series with full color illustrations on every page and audio CD. Treat your children to the fun, entertaining stories and positive Christian values.
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