NKJV Complete Bible "Special Edition" (MP3/CD) with Indestructible Book DVD and Bible in One Hour

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  • NKJV Complete Bible "Special Edition" (MP3/CD) with Indestructible Book DVD and Bible in One Hour


Two Bible for the price of one PLUS aditional bonus items. This package includes the complete New King James version of the Bible on 60 CDs, the complete NKJV Bible on two MP3 discs, the Bible in One Hour on CD, and The Indestructible Book on DVD. This package special will allow you to enjoy the word of God wherever you go! The New King James version is narrated by Eric Martin. The original production yielded our 60 CD set packaged in a zippered bag for convenience and protection. This is a word-for-word, NON-dramatized recording on digitally formatted discs with crystal clear sound and easy chapter reference. It is this same recording that has now been produced on two high quality MP3 discs as a FREE second Bible with your purchase. This state of the art MP3 production will play on your MP3 devices, computer or MP3 enabled CD or DVD player. In addition to these two marvelous Bible recordings you will receive The Bible in One Hour on CD. This is an amazing compilation of scriptures giving you a summary of the entire Bible in just one hour with selections of the most memorable and inspiring passages. It is delivered in easy to understand International English translation. The fourth component of this package is The Indestructible Book DVD which continues to be a customer favorite. While reliving the epic story of William Tyndale's struggle to publish the first English translation of the Bible from the original Hebrew and Greek texts, listeners learn of the courage, conviction and struggles of those preserving Biblical content. Only through their efforts have we been able to reap the rewards of the Bible as we know it today. After viewing this DVD you will have a new and inspired appreciation of the Bible and those that have dedicated their lives to its preservation.
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