NASB Complete Bible - Special Edition (MP3/CD)

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  • NASB Complete Bible - Special Edition (MP3/CD)


World's best value in a NASB Complete Audio Bible, narrated by renowned inspirational Biblical narrator, Steven B. Stevens. The life changing power of God's word is passionately and reverently narrated by Steven B. Stevens. many say Steven's voice sounds like the "The Voice of God.' to them. All 66 books of the Old and New Testaments, NASB version, are presented word for word, without background music or sound effects. listening to God's word will bring you encouragement, direction, inspiration comfort peace of mind or the needs, only God knows for your daily life. Two complete NASB audio Bibles using cutting-edge digital recording technology deliver the complete text of scripture word for word - each with over 70 hours of God's power filled words digitally recorded. The first complete NASB audio Bible is on 60 lifetime guaranteed MP3 discs. The second complete NASB audio bible on 2 lifetime guaranteed Mp3 discs can be easily download to your portable Mp3 device. In addition you receive a free audio book. "The Book in One Hour" narrates the main Biblical events from Genesis to Revelation in 60 minutes." The Bible in One Hour" is an excellent evangelism tool to help a "seeker" to develop Faith. "The Indestructible Book" DVD, is outstanding for family or small group study, teaching how the Bible was first translated into English. The durable padded Case with individual Protective sleeves is perfect for safe storage and easy access to the Limited Lifetime Warranted Discs.
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