Holy Bible! Kid's Bible - Catholic Edition (CD)

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  • Holy Bible! Kid's Bible - Catholic Edition (CD)


Catholic Kid's Audio Bible, CEV Version New Testament (Imprimatur) on 15 CDs. Word for Word narration with multiple narrators, background music and sound effects with over 103 sing-a-long Bible songs interspersed with in the text to hold kids attention and have fun. Dramatization brings the New Testament to life for children's enjoyment. Included are two BONUS DVDs, Holy Baby Volume 1 and 2 for young Catholics learning experience.   Volume 1: Seven Prayers in Seven Languages teaches is a Catholic prayer book and kids songs for children in easy to learn and follow, DVDs format. There are eight soundtracks on one DVD. Listen to the prayers in all seven languages, or, using the menu, hear them in just English, French, Spanish, Latin, Vietnamese, German or Portuguese. The seven prayers on this DVD are the Sign of the Cross, the Apostle's Creed, the Our Father Prayer, Hail Mary Prayer, Glory Be Prayer, O My Jesus and Hail Holy Queen. There are also great songs for kids that are great worship songs for kids. Songs included are: Jesus Loves the Little Children, The Seven Joys of Mary, A Child's Morning Hymn and the original Holy Baby theme song and emphasizes the prayers of the Rosary.    Volume 2: Jesus Love Me, He Is the Bread of Life concentrates on prayers and scripture of the Eucharist. Songs are: Holy Baby theme song, Jesus Loves Me (NEW Catholic version), Rise N Shine, Holy, Holy, Holy, Alleluia, This Little Light of Mine, Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee, Faith of Our Fathers and Alleluia, Sing to Jesus. Prayers are Sign of the Cross, Lord Have Mercy, Gloria, Nicene Creed, Our Father, Sign of Peace, Lamb of God, Hosanna, Divine Praises and St. Alphonsus Liguori's Prayer of Adoration. The joyful music will have your little ones giggling, singing and asking to see the video over and over! Also includes a BONUS MP3 of the Kid's Bible including the songs and prayers of Holy Baby DVD contents. Two entire New Testaments, Word for Word, Dramatized Audio Bibles with 103 Sing Along Gospel Songs plus a Free MP3 New Testament Dramatized Audio Bible-plus Once Upon a Stable Birth of Jesus DVD in an incredible value. The Bible Stories for Children come alive as you listen to the Gospel CDs. From the Gospel of Mathew to the Gospel of John, the Bible comes alive John the Baptist, the 12 Disciples the Teachings of Jesus and flows directly into the Book of Acts with the Apostle Peter, Apostle Paul and the rest of the New Testament. Heroes. Children can feel the power of the Gospel as the Angel speaks to the Virgin Mary and explains that Mary will become the Blessed mother Mary. All of the Biblical events of Jesus life are vividly heard including the betrayal Kiss of Judas. The entire family from 3 years to 90 will enjoy the 327 New Testament Bible Stories when listening to the dramatized audio Bible. This audio Bible on CD has 15 CDs that deliver over 17 hours of listening pleasure. The American Bible Society's goal in translating the CEV version was to have an accurate version that is easy for all to read and understand in today's English. This fact also makes this Audio Bible every easy to listen to and understand, Jesus and His Disciples will become your children's best friend and favorite heroes as they listen to the Bible Stories. More than 100 Children's books of the Bible songs are included. Several are found in every book of the New Testament. In the early part of The Gospel of Mathew, you will hear and sing along with "The B-I-B-L-E", "I stand alone on the Word of God and the B-I-B-L-E." Listening to this Audio Bible does help young and old to stand alone on the Word of God and The B-I-B-L-E. The Children's Bible songs include your favorite action Bible songs, Kid's Bible songs, and sing along bible songs. Wee Sing Bible songs are fun, as a family sings along together. Many all time favorite songs are included.
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