10 Heroes Who Changed the World (Heroes of Faith & Courages)

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  • 10 Heroes Who Changed the World (Heroes of Faith & Courages)


Today's parents and teachers are desperate to get positive role models in front of their kids. They demand quality reading packed with fun and an easy-to-digest feast of learning. 10 Heroes Who Changed the World is the biography that fulfills these demands. HEROES WHO CHANGED THE WORLD is different because it doesn't just tell about people and values, it shows them in a way kids' spirits grab a hold of and want to imitate. These are great heroes, men and woman who shaped our faith and times in the tradition of biblical standards. In the process, these people changed the world. This is value-building, character-shaping reading just right for today's 9 to 16 year olds. The subject covered are, exploration, reformation, prayer, servant hood, missions compassion, spirituality, discipleship, justice and the early church... The heroes are David Livingstone, Martin Luther, Hudson Taylor, Mother Teresa, William Carey, Florence Nightingale, Francis of Assisi, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Martin Luther King Jr. and St. Augustine.
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