The Truth Behind the Secret by James K. Walker (CD)

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  • The Truth Behind the Secret by James K. Walker (CD)


Is the book, The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne everything it claims to be? At first glance, the message of The Secret is very appealing. It is about using the Law of Attraction to make your life better and get everything you have ever wanted. It offers beautiful and powerful promises that, if true, could be the ultimate fulfillment of every human yearning, and we are told it is all backed by science. But there are some very significant secrets behind The Secret that are not being told. What are the true origins of the teaching in The Secret? Who are among the early architects of these teachings? What are the dangers of living according to The Secret? Does science really back The Secret teachers? AND, WHERE IS GOD IN ALL THIS? This thoughtful, investigative presentation will give you uncensored access to the truth behind the amazing claims made in The Secret.
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