The Comic Book Bible (Vol 2) From Jacob to Moses - Paperback

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  • The Comic Book Bible (Vol 2) From Jacob to Moses - Paperback


(Paperback) Comic Book Bible-Vol 2 starts with Jacob and progresses to Moses. This is an excellent children s Bible story book. A Bible Story Book for kids that they will love to read over and over. This is a Bible Comic Book for boys and a This Bible Comic Book for girls. This Bible Comic Book is full of good children stories and begins with Jacob and covers the heroes all the way to the Exodus. Bible Comic Book is true to the Bible in a style and form that kids will read. Bible Comic Book is presented. In typical comic book style the text and illustrations take the reader on a biblical journey from Jacob to Moses. This series - in comic book form - goes through the whole Bible, from Creation to Revelation. This series gives a good overview of the messages in the Bible, while keeping an exciting and easy-to-read approach. This is a good way to tell God s story to children and cartoon lovers of all ages. Comic book style is an excellent way to introduce children to the Bible.
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