The Borrowed Christmas

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  • The Borrowed Christmas


John Dale (Jeff Rose) has everything. Money, notoriety, the biggest house in town. What he really wants is a good, old fashioned Christmas. With no family in town John turns to the local "Rent-All" store and Anne Weston (Sherry Morris) asking for a tree, presents and decorations as well as a wife and five kids. The store is struggling, and in an attempt to save the shop, Anne takes on this unusual order, from this unusual man. Recruiting the help of the young man that works in her shop, Jimmy (Craig Belwood), Anne tries to recruit actors from the local Actors guild, to only get nowhere, In a last ditch effort to get children to play Mr. Dale's kids, Anne turns to the local orphanage. With a little help from Mr. Dale's housekeepers, Martha (Doris Collier) and Bridget (Diana Schmitt), as well as a little bit of luck, maybe Anne might just be able to pull this off. She goes about trying to fill the order, but ends up filling a nedd much greater.
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