Renewal and Reconciliation

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  • Renewal and Reconciliation


Do you want to be all you can be? Say No to Mediocrity-Overcome fear-Discover the spiritual secrets needed to face your fears and grow in holiness with the RENEWAL AND RECONCILIATION audio series taught by Archbishop Fulton Sheen. . Learn how history of Catholic Church relates to the present day Church problems and victories - How God always works through minorities and ever majorities - Why we possess the cross less Christ in our western world - Why mediocrity so gradually overcomes us that we fail to recognize it and how to avoid mediocrity - Why Satan is at the root cause of much of the crisis affecting and infecting the church - Why Priests must always strive to make themselves available to others-What the Biblical example of Judas teaches us about Discipleship-How a daily hour of Eucharist Adoration unites us to Christ in an inexplicable manner and how to helps us overcome problems and fears-How to authentically foster devotion to the Holy Spirit-Why the Blessed Mother perfectly manifests the complimentary roles of man and woman in the Church--and much more. Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen was one of the most renowned American churchman of the 20th century and a great evangelist of the electronic age will inspire you and those who listen to Renewal & Reconciliation.
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