People of the Old Testament (Static Sticker Bible)

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  • People of the Old Testament (Static Sticker Bible)


This colorful, exciting book helps children to have fun while exploring and learning God's Word. Each book has over 60 stickers. Each sticker has a matching outline plus additional lessons children will learn. Children have fun while learning about the exciting Old Testament Heroes and their adventures. This is both a Boy sticker book as well as a girl s sticker book. This is a book that allows children to have fun while exploring and learning God's Word. 60 unique peel, use more than once, stickers are included in each book. There is a matching outline for the user to find. Each outline has additional teaching that teaches additional lessons. This is a fun entertaining and educational book for kids. It is an excellent Church group prize. This book contains a retelling of Old Testament stories. This Bible Story Book has spaces left for children to complete with the appropriate sticker. Illustrate your own Bible stories with this exciting, bright new sticker book. Includes four pages of stickers that can be used to populate and decorate and encourage learning. This fun activity book includes on-the-page stories - all based around the stories of Old Testament Heroes. The cute and colorful illustrations jump off the page and keep children engaged with the activities. There's plenty for children to do, on their own or with an adult, and this handy book can be used during holidays, on journeys, or just to fill the time on a rainy day. The stickers can be used for decorating other books or projects too! Ideal for children ages 3 and up.
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