My First Sticker Bible

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  • My First Sticker Bible


My First Sticker Bible' is a great Bible Story Book for children. It is a fun way to get children to read the Bible stories for children! It is an interactive Bible Game. On each page layout, a person or thing is missing in the color picture. Your child can find the missing piece among the stickers in the back of the Bible Stories and put it in the right place. When your child is finished placing all the stickers, he or she can truly feel ownership of this Bible and continue reading it for years to come. You can also use this Bible as a nightly devotion that you read to your child and place the stickers at bedtime together. This is both a Boy Sticker Book and a Girl Sticker Book. This is a sticker book that allows children to have fun while exploring and learning God's Word. . You will enjoy playing with your children with this book. The stickers can be used for decorating other books or projects too! Ideal for children ages, 3, to 10 years.
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