Grandpa & Me: We Learn About Death

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  • Grandpa & Me: We Learn About Death


Grand Pa and Me -We Learn About Death has won the C.S. Lewis Gold Medal for best Christian children s book in the U. S. Death and teaching children about death is not easy. This is one of the best books to help you in talking to kids about death. Grandpa and Me - It is an outstanding book about death for children. Maria and her grandpa have very special relationship, and she learns many valuable truths about life and death as they explore the farm and get to know the animals. Ten Maria's grandpa becomes very sick and has to be hospitalized. Are you going to die, Grandpa? She whispers. I'm not afraid of death, Mari, her grandpa answers. This book is an important tool for talking naturally to your child about the subject of death. Authors Ben and Marlee have both used their own book, Grand Pa and Me -We Learn About Death to teach their children and Grand children about death. You also will find it very helpful.
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