Going on Retreat (CD)

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  • Going on Retreat (CD)


This powerful series is sure to enlighten and inspire listeners with the same fire and zeal for which Archbishop Sheen is internationally known. Digitally re-mastered on 6 CDs the series contains eleven programs originally delivered to Priests and Seminarians of the Holy Trinity Seminary at the University of Dallas covering such diverse topics as: Spirituality, The Nature of Christ & the Priesthood, Remission of Sin, The Holy Spirit, The Blessed Mother and Saint Peter. Rarely, if ever, has there been a retreat master able to preach the Gospel and teach the Faith with the authority and charisma of Archbishop Sheen. Earning the title of venerable and considered by many to be the greatest preacher of the twentieth century, Archbishop Sheen offers guidance on a vast array of topics to help assist in your spiritual journey.
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