Deserted: Bad Neighborhood

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  • Deserted: Bad Neighborhood


Alice Bernett considers herself a good Christian woman, having obeyed the Ten Commandments all her life. Her 40 year old son, Donny loves her, but he lives a town away and his time is much occupied with his growing family so Alice is lonely. Her loneliness is intensified when she hears her pastor, Tom Eaton, and a TV Evangelist, pastor Malachi (Brad Stine), deliver disturbing messages about the Rapture. She begins to doubt if she would be left to deal with a world overrun by heathen during the time of tribulation foretold in the Bible. When she finds an "escapes clause" in a Bible passage from the book of Revelation, and undertakes a frantic attempt to insure that she will be among the saved. What would you do if everyone at your church one Sunday morning were gone.
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