Brother Francis - Let's Pray!

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  • Brother Francis - Let's Pray!


Join Brother Francis learning practice makes perfect! This is a true saying whether one is playing basketball, drawing a picture, reading or even praying! In this wonderfully fun inaugural episode the ever-joyful Brother Francis will help your children establish a personal relationship with God! This episode includes: The Sign of the Cross, Lets Pray!, The Our Father, With Gods Love! and a visualized story; The Little Way of Saint Therese and lots of fun!     PRODUCT REVIEW: Join Brother Francis and his friends as they inspire children in their Catholic faith. This entertaining and instructive series features stories, visual examples, music and practical application! This episode contains: The Sign of the Cross (catchy tune about an important prayer gesture), The Little Way of Saint Therese (visualized story), Let's Pray (captivating song showing us how we can pray anywhere), The Our Father (traditional prayer sung to a moving melody). With God's Love (song that encourages us to serve others). Brother Francis Let s Pray will help children establish a personal relationship with God. DVD has both English and Spanish audio tracks as well as English and Spanish Sub-Titles. --Don Greve
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