Amy Carmichael: Mother to the Motherless

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  • Amy Carmichael: Mother to the Motherless


In 1903 Amy Carmichael risked her missionary support and shocked the Christian community with the publication of her bookThings As They Are. Unlike many before her, Amy refused to sugarcoat her experience as a missionary in India. She wanted her readers to get an accurate picture of the desperate plight of some of the Indian people as well as the tremendous challenges that missionaries were facing. However, Amy's most shocking revelation was the plight of the temple girls, who were doomed to a life of abuse as they were married, as it was described, to the gods of the land. Amy Carmichael's heroic life of service has inspired countless others to sacrificially spread the Gospel, while caring for people in need. Learn more of her amazing story through this in-depth look at her life and ministry. Follow Amy's story from her childhood experiences with prayer through her years of faithful ministry and on to the establishment of The Dohnavur Fellowship, an organization which continues to serve the India Amy loved. This DVD features an interview with Elisabeth Elliot, who counts Amy as a crucial influence in her own decision to become a missionary. This presentation also features: Includes 58-minute version and 29-minute abridged version with Spanish language and English and Spanish subtitles.
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