A Voice From Calvary (CD)

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  • A Voice From Calvary (CD)


Everyone wants lasting happiness and enduring holiness. In these CDs, A Voice From Calvary, you will discover powerful life-changing lessons from the last words of Jesus.. Throughout this series you'll learn: **Why most people would rather admit to being sick rather than being a sinner **How Christ is the New Adam and how Mary is the New Eve **Why the shedding of blood was absolutely necessary for the remission of sin **How all pain first passes through the hands of Go before coming to us **Why it took pain to atone for our disobedience and to bring healing **Why the Blessed Mother is unfortunately ignored by most Christians **What the three types of atheism are according to Sacred Scripture **Why true liberation is not from something but for something **What the three modern false gods are - mistakenly worshiped by most people Archbishop Fulton Sheen understood suffering. Forced to undergo three major heart surgeries, he spent months recuperating. Yet, this time was not wasted, because the beloved Prelate willingly embraced this affliction and meditated deeply upon our Lord's Passion and Death pondering is significance for today. Seven times Jesus spoke from the cross, and each of those seven "last words" still speaks to us today. These heartfelt laments from the heart of Christ manifest important elements of His messianic mission and, as Archbishop Sheen carefully explains, they were intended to bring reparation for particular sins of humanity. Spoken in complete obedience to the Will of His Heavenly Father, these words manifest the truth that Christ was the New Adam reversing the disobedience of our First Parents - and so provide the perfect model of discipleship. The Cross, far from a symbol of pain and defeat as in ancient Roman times, emerges as the poignant and powerful sign of victory over sin and death. The crucifix, according to Archbishop Sheen, should be viewed as our "autobiography" where all of our sins are written in His Blood. As Christians, we need to meditate often upon its spiritual significance for our lives and allow the atoning Blood of Christ be spread upon us through the Sacraments, especially Confession. Only in this way can we enter more fully into the mystery of Redemption and intimately share in Jesus' mission.
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