A.D.D. by Phil & Cynthia Phillips

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  • A.D.D. by Phil & Cynthia Phillips


Attention Deficit Disorder - Welcome to Our World brings a positive perspective on A.D.D. This highly anticipated A.D.D. book by Cynthia Calvert-Phillips and her husband offer answers and helpful guidance for families and individuals that have a love one experiencing A.D.D. The authors invested over a decade of research and living with A.D.D. to compile a book that makes one realize they are not alone. Whether you are the one with A.D.D. or having friends or family members with A.D.D., Life doesn't have to be difficult. The book provides clarification on many issues and answers to hard questions regarding A.D.D. or as the authors prefer to say "Affectionately Designed Differently". The authors have discovered and are sharing with you ways to be victorious with A.D.D.. In Attention Deficit Disorder-Welcome to Our World book, you will learn, the Truth About A.D.D., What God thinks about the A.D.D. individual, How to know if you or a loved one has A.D.D., and many more life changing facts about A.D.D. Also available as an audiobook.
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