Jerusalem Countdown by John Hagee (MP3/CD)

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  • Jerusalem Countdown by John Hagee (MP3/CD)


World War III Has Begun! This revision of Jerusalem Countdown, updated to address the recent conflict with Hezbollah, the roles of North Korea and Syria in the coming nuclear showdown, and the infiltration of Islamic terrorists on American soil. Enhancing the message of the original edition, which has sold more than 800,000 copies, John Hagee anticipates Israel s strategies toward the Iranian threat and the resulting effect upon America. Could WWIII be around the corner? Jerusalem Countdown: A Prelude to War is a great Bible Study or Sunday School Series filled with Biblical Truth calling for Evangelism, and The Return of Christ. Dr. John Hagee predicts a world-changing nuclear showdown is imminent in the Middle East - one that will jump-start Armageddon. Jerusalem Countdown unveils the reasons radical Islam and Israel cannot dwell peaceably together. Dr. Hagee identifies the key players in the upcoming conflict, explains the roles Russia, China, Europe and America will play, and unveils God's apparent plan for His people in the coming crisis. This Audio Book is narrated by Eric Martin. Dr. Hagee skillfully unveils the reasons radical Islam and Israel cannot dwell peaceably together as he paints a convincing picture explaining why Christians must support the State of Israel. This is the Entire Book Word for Word Not Abridged the New & Updated Version Professionally Produced High Fidelity Digital Audio MP3 CD, with Introduction Music. Each Chapter is Indexed, Enabling You to Skip to any Chapter Desired Narrated by Award Winning Narrator Eric Martin, Internationally Recognized Narrator. Revelations of world powers on a collision course to World War III. Pastor Hagee reveals North Korea s and Iran s plan and why negotiations with all Islamic terrorists are futile. The role of Russia , China, Europe and America in the upcoming nucular war and God s plan and purpose for His People in the crisis. Who is more qualified than Pastor Hagee to address the Middle East crisis and skillfully unveil the reasons why America must support Israel? His Biblical knowledge and constant inter-action with international sources have qualified him as one of the most trusted spiritual advisors of our day. His advice and counsel is sought by many leaders all over the world as America and other countries face the worst of times while nuclear storm clouds gather over all of us. Readers and listeners can receive an insight on what is to come from someone they trust to speak the truth.
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